Fleet History

SIYC Herreshoff Fleet History  Dec. 13, 2009

1972 H Class Association formed.

1973 First fiberglass H12 produced.

June 1974 Sam Hird sails fiberglass  H12, #88 “Poppy”,  to Shelter Island from Old Lyme, Ct.  Sam served as H12 Fleet Captain from 1974 to 1996.

Apr. 1978 Andrew Fiske, who had sailed a wooden H12 as a child, bought a wooden boat and named her “Little Kitty”; later the same summer also bought the original “Little Kitty” (from the Suffolk Times article dated 7/16/81)

1978 According to SIYC History (pg.98), nine more H12’s joined the Club fleet

1980 According to SIYC History (Pg. 100), five H12’s joined the fleet.  These are believed to be:

#205 “Kona” owned by Wallace Tiernan.  “Kona” is still in the Tiernan family and is raced competitively by Carol and Chuck Tiernan

#190 “Turnabout” owned by Lloyd Gang and Dorothy Hassel.  “Turnabout”  was sold to Ward Murphy and Nancy Koltes and raced very competitively.  Upon Ward’s death she was sold to Drew Carlsen and Darracott Vaughan and renamed “No Worries”. In 2013 she was sold to Susan Soros.

#216  “C.J.” owned by James Jenks.  This  boat was sold to Kathy and Peter Dinkel and is now named “Nebraska”.

#199 “The Rose” owned by Clifford Weir. She was sold to Maureen Mills and Heather Wolf.

#220 “Olive B.”, owned by Daniel Reich.  This boat is now owned by Susan King and is named “Making Waves”.

1980 According to Steve Corkery, by the summer of 1980, 12 to 15 boats raced every week.  Of these boats, 5 or 6 were wood, two were Cape Cod boats and the remainder were Harding fiberglass boats.

As of 1981two additional wooden boats in the SIYC fleet, belonging to Walter Brigham and Dennis Clark

Dennis Clark bought “Thistle” #101 on Cape Cod in 1981; he raced the boat successfully until 2005, when he sold her to a boatbuilder in Bristol, RI.

Walter Brigham bought “Timeless” #125, which he raced very successfully until he sold the boat to Paul Kofmehl and bought a fiberglass boat, “Less Time” #146.

1983 Annual Fleet Championship Trophy donated by Andrew Fiske and Samuel Hird to be presented to the skipper with the best overall record for the season.

1996 Dan Reich becomes H12 Fleet Captain

2000 At the suggestion of Dan Reich,  the H Class Association presents a half model of the H12 to the Shelter Island Yacht Club to be used as a perpetual trophy for an annual H12 race

2003 Bruce Brewer becomes H12 Fleet Captain

Partial History of SIYC Boat Ownership 

Sail #   Owner                              Boat Name

15         Michael Martocci                   Tern

Ralph Kast/Mike Hagler        Tern

Bruce Brewer                         Tern (bought 1992)

Juliane and Mark Hughes    Tern (bought 1992)

Donated to the East End Classic  Boat Society for restoration in 2011

71           Peg and Harry DiOrio           Doughdish

This boat was previously owned by Bill Harding and was the original demonstrator boat for the design.  She is hull #4.

88            Sam Hird                                 Poppy

Ari Benacerraf                        Poppy

125         Walter Brigham                      Timeless

Paul Kofmehl                          Timeless

Joy and Ed Bausman             Timeless

164        Walter Carucci                         Uncle Mills

Mary Walker                            Queen Mary

190        Lloyd Gang/Dorothy Hassel   Turnabout

Ward Murphy                           Turnabout

Andrew Carlsen                       No Worries (bought 2010)

Darracott Vaughan

199         Lois and Cliff Weir                  The Rose

Maureen Mills  &                    The Rose (bought in 2010)

Heather Wolf

205          Wallace Tiernan                     Kona

Carol and Chuck Tiernan     Kona

211           Karen Kaier

Lynn and Ed King                  Big Red

216           James Jenks                             C.J.

Kathryn Peter Dinkel             Nebraska

220           Dan Reich                                 Olive B.

Susan  King                              Making Waves

233           Harold Weaver

Alan Benasuli                          Aztec Eagle

Eliza Pile-Spellman                 Aztec Eagle (bought 2009)


241            William Weinstock

Pauline & Henry Goldberg   Bitter Sweet

253            Osborne/Grinnell                    Afternoon Delight

Patti Schram                            Afternoon Delight

297            Andrew Sowers                        Restless

John Ricketson                          Restless (bought 2001)

355            Iqbal Mamdani                          Yume ( 1987 new from E&D)

440            Violet and Jack Romeril            Violet

Lisa & Charles Modica              Puffin

469            Shepherd/Cole/Zito

Joy & Ed Bausman                     Andante

474            Ed Dooley                                    Puffin

Ciaccio/Goldman/Hine              Trio

505             Nancy & David Scudder            Scud Cloud

Whitney & Ted McCarthy          Wonderful Tonight (bought 2009)

571             Dr. David Zenker                          Edgartown

David Ruby                                   Tip Not (purchased 2006)

601              Chester Peet                                Moo

Juliane  Wallace                           Moo (bought 2008)

610              Brooks Hamblett                         Buzzards Bay (2008new E&D)

816              Thomas McGuane

Herbert Stein (bought 1989)

Bruce Brewer                               Spray (bought 1992)