Herreshoff 12 1/2

Welcome to the SIYC Herreshoff 12 1/2 Fleet website. Currently the SIYC Fleet consists of 58 Herreshoffs. Racing takes place on summer Saturdays in Greenport Harbor and Pipes Cove. We average about 20-26 boats on the starting line.

About the Class

Naval architect Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff and his Herreshoff Manufacturing Company were in the business of producing the world’s finest yachts from 1863 to 1945. He designed the 12 and a half footer in 1914 for yachtsmen who wanted a training sailboat for their children that would handle the strong wind and steep chop of Buzzards Bay. He built what he called the “Buzzard’s Bay Boy’s Boat” in his shop in Bristol Bay, Rhode Island until 1939.

While the Herreshoffs were originally crafted in wood, today most of the Buzzards Yacht club boats are Doughdishes, built to the exact hull dimensions and rig of the wooden Herreshoffs, but constructed of foam, fiberglass and teak. The boat has a 15′ 10″ overall length and 12′ 6″ waterline length. There is a 735-pound lead keel which gives great stability.

According to the Herreshoff Museum, “This design has long since established itself as one of the foremost examples of yachting genius, for no other type of boat has acquired a more enduring popularity. The mere fact that, in 80 years, no significant modification has been made in the design testifies to its perfection.

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