General Visitor Information


We extend to skippers and crews a cordial welcome to Shelter Island and the facilities of the Shelter Island Yacht Club. We hope you enjoy our club, our community and our beautiful island. You are invited to use our facilities, including moorings, dining room and shower. To visiting yachtsmen who are members of a recognized yacht club, the SIYC offers the use of its facilities for a period not to exceed one week. An extended stay (longer than three days) will be permitted to visiting yachtsman only once per season, and a visit of any duration will not be permitted more often than once per month. Checkout time is noon.

We require that visiting yachtsmen register at the desk, where they will be issued a guest card to be used in the bar and dining room facilities. Ultimately, dining, bar and moorings bills must be paid with a major credit card; we no longer bill through other clubs. SIYC accepts VISA, MasterCard or American Express as the only means of payment.

Visiting yachtsmen are urged to reserve a mooring in advance. For information on availability, arriving yachts should hail the Shelter Island Yacht Club on VHF Channel 74 when approaching the island. Launch service is available by calling on Channel 74 or by sounding three blasts and displaying a “T” flag. Dinghies may land on the inland side of the southwest floating docks. 

2018 Mooring Fees:

Boat length                                         to 35′                36′-52′               53+’

May 26 – May 29                                 $71                   $77                   $82

May 1 – June 15

Sunday – Thursday                             $50                   $60                   $66

Friday & Saturday                               $66                   $71                   $77

June 16 – September 4                      $71                   $77                   $82

September 5 to October 9

Sunday – Thursday                               $50                  $60                   $66

Friday & Saturday                                 $66                  $71                   $77


General Club Information:


May 4 – May 24

  • Sunday through Thursday: 0800-1800
  • Friday & Saturday 0800-2200

May 25 – September 4

  • Sunday through Thursday: 0800-2200
  • Friday and Saturday: 0800-2400

September 5 – October 9

  • Sunday through Thursday: 0800-1800
  • Friday and Saturday: 0800-2200

For pre- and post-season launch service after the posted hours, please contact and make arrangements with the waterfront manager.

To call the launch from yachts, use VHF Channel 74, or sound three (3) blasts on horn and/or show code flag “T.” Pursuant to New York State laws, all children under the age of twelve (12) must wear a Type II life vest aboard the launch. The yacht club is not responsible in any way for persons using the launch service.

Basic House Rules for Visitors

•Use of the club and its facilities is a revocable privilege.

•All guests and nonmembers must register to use club facilities.

•Maximum stay is limited to three (3) days for guests and transients.

•Club dress rules must be observed.

•The club is not responsible for personal property.

•No food or liquor is allowed on club property except as supplied by the club.

•Children must be supervised at all times while on club property.

•Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse and must be on leashes on the grounds. Pet owners must pick up after their animals.

•The club launch monitors VHF Channel 74.


Reservations are requested, and appreciated, for all Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Brunch seatings in the dining room. To make a dining reservation, please call the club at (631) 749-0888. Informal dining options are also available at our Bar when the Dining Room is in operation. Non-member participants in regattas at the Club are invited to use the bar and dining room on regatta days.


 Pre-Season:    May 19–June 15

                          Saturday & Sunday       Lunch         1200–1430

                          Friday                              Dinner        1800–2200

                          Saturday                          Dinner        1800–2100

                          Sunday, May 28             Brunch        1200–1430

                          Monday, May 29            Lunch          1200–1430

Full Service:     June 16–Sept 2

                          Monday & Tuesday         Bar Menu    1200–2000

                          Wednesday–Sunday        Lunch          1200–1430

                          Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun      Dinner          1800–2100

                          Friday                                 Dinner          1800–2200

                          Monday, Sept. 3               Lunch Only  1200–1430

Post-Season:    September 4–October 14

                            Saturday & Sunday         Lunch           1200–1430

                            Friday                                Dinner          1800–2200

                            Saturday                            Dinner          1800–2100

Bar Menu: A casual bar menu will be available on the days the restaurant is open


Visitors and guests are asked to observe our dress code:

Not allowed are: bare feet, anywhere on Club premises; bathing suits; board shorts, tee shirts, sleeveless shirts on men or bare torsos.  Board shorts and tee shirts are permitted in the bar after sailing.

Dining attire: Casual dress is acceptable for all evenings except Saturday evening, when jackets are required for men. Attire and footwear appropriate to a yacht club is expected at all times. Denim jeans are not acceptable attire for dinner in the restaurant; they may be worn in the bar.


The use of cellular phones is only permitted in the foyer immediately outside of the Ladies’ and Mens’ room and in the dry sail area and the parking lot. They are expressly forbidden in all other areas of the Club and on launches, except that in the slicker room (the room containing the front desk) and the bar, cell phones may be used for texts and emails and other electronic devices may be used soundlessly. Cellular phones must be set to vibrate (silent ring) in all areas inside the Club, including the dining room, the decks and elsewhere on Club premises. WIFI is available in the Club and also in most sections of the harbor.


Shelter Island Yacht Club honors the tradition of “colors”.  At sunset each day while the Club is in Commission, a club employee will ring the colors bell near the flagpole. Members, guests and children should stand, remove their hats, and remain silently facing the flag pole as a single cannon salute is fired and the Club burgee and the Ensign are lowered. The ceremony ends when the bell at the flagpole is rung.

BOXED LUNCHES are available with advance notice. Inquire at the desk.

SHOWERS are available in the Junior Yacht Club.

ICE is available. Inquire at the desk.

TRASH/RECYCLING:  Shelter Island has a mandatory recycling law. You will find containers marked for this purpose on the west side of the clubhouse.

FUEL & PUMP OUT STATION are available at Piccozzi’s Marina located at the head of the harbor.

DOGS on club property must be leashed. No dogs are permitted in the Clubhouse. Dog owners are expected to clean up after their pets.


All visitors should be aware of the potential threat of hurricanes and other weather disturbances and should take precautionary steps in connection with their yachts. Severe weather can occur at any time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owners/captains to perform checks for wear and tear on the Shelter Island Yacht Club mooring pennant attached to their yacht.

In the event a hurricane watch is announced by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, all visitors with yachts moored in the SIYC grid must commence making their yachts hurricane-ready and perform the following:

•Remove all roller furling headsails and properly stow them below deck or ashore. Lashing headsails is insufficient protection against severe weather.

•Remove mainsails or double lash over mainsail cover. Treat mizzen sail in the same manner. Lower and securely lash dodgers and bimini tops.

•Remove all anchors stowed on deck. This requirement applies particularly to plow anchors since they can and do cut mooring lines. The intent here is to avoid airborne anchors.

•Install chafe material at all points of chafe.

When and if the N.O.A.A. converts its hurricane watch to a hurricane warning, all preparations must be completed and all personnel must vacate their yachts. N.O.A.A. issues a hurricane watch for coastal areas when there is a threat of hurricane conditions within 24 hours.

Launch Service Prior to Severe Weather

Yacht owners should be aware that after a hurricane warning is issued by N.O.A.A. the point it time when the SIYC launch ceases operating is at the sole discretion of the club’s officer in charge. No exceptions will be made. Therefore, all preparations should be completed early.

For mooring reservations, please email Tammi at or call the SIYC office (631) 749-0888.

EMERGENCY        Dial 911 for police, fire and ambulance.

Emergency medical services are available 24 hours a day at Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport: 201 Manor Place, Greenport, NY 11944.  (631) 477-1000

The Shelter Island Heights Pharmacy is a well-stocked and is walkable from the Club. It also serves breakfast and lunch.  19 Grand Avenue, Shelter Island Heights, NY   631-749-0445

The club is not responsible for personal property left on Club grounds.