Club Book–Shelter Island Yacht Club 1886-2011

The Shelter Island Yacht Club 1885-2011 book was written by John Rousmaniere in 2011.

Rousmaniere writes on a wide range of topics, including New York history, and may be best known for his books on storms at sea, yachting history, and sailing instruction, particularly The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, which has gone through three editions since its initial publication in 1983. A video series of the same title is based on the book.[4] Fastnet, Force 10 (1980) is the account of the tragic 1979 Fastnet Race in which he sailed and 15 sailors died. Published in several languages and still in print in 2010, this was the first of his storm books.[5] It was followed in 2002 by After the Storm: True Stories of Disaster and Recovery at Sea, about the causes and consequences of storms at sea as seen through biographies of sailors and seamen, stories of gales and wrecks, and Rousmaniere’s own experiences.  Rousmaniere has written a number of history books on a broad range of topics that include the America’s Cup, ocean racing, yacht and other clubs, New York history, businesses, yachts, and the history of yachting.  In addition to our club book he has written books for the New York Yacht Club and Fishers Island Yacht Club.

The book is an amazing collection of photographs, stories, and a detailed history of the Shelter Island Yacht Club.  It should be on every members shelf or coffee table.