Come join the Thursday evening Racing Clinic!

The new SIYC adult racing clinic has been a real success.  The Thursday night sessions begin at 5:30pm and will run through August 18th.  We meet in the slicker room with a “chalk talk” on various racing topics such as: starts, rules such as at the 3 boat circle, keeping on course to the mark, and various factors such as tide, oscillating wind and clear air, as well as general tips for a good race.  The group then heads to the water to practice what has been discussed and races on a course that our qualified instructors have set up for us. After racing, we gather as a group again to go over questions and talk about what went right or wrong! Getting out on the water every Thursday evening with a mix of amateur and more experienced racers has been not only educational but fun!  Last week 12 sailors participated in the clinic, we hope more will join us as the summer continues!  For more information contact the Sailing Director or just show up.

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