New Restaurant Minimums

Dear Members,

The House Committee has been hard at work incorporating all the useful information from the recent club survey into the menu this summer at the club.  We hope you will dine with us soon and enjoy all of our delicious menu items.

As a reminder, the minimums for the restaurant were increased slightly this year for all member groups. This is the first increase in four years. For regular members the May/June combined minimum is $75, July is $200, August is $200, and Sept/Oct combined is $75. The entire membership minimums can be found on page (121) of your 2016 yearbook. Please keep in mind the minimums are for food only. Beverages of all kinds and special events are not credited towards your minimums. Once a member has spent $700 on dining food charges for the summer, that member will be exempt from minimum charges for the remainder of the summer.

We look forward to seeing you at the club and enjoying a wonderful 2016 sailing season!

Thank you.