SIYC Around the Island Record

Shelter Island Yacht Club

“Around Shelter Island Record”

Notice of Race


This event was conceived by the Shelter Island Yacht Club to sanction an official “Around Shelter Island Record” (ASIR) for various type boats with no handicaps to apply.

  1. The ASIR is open to all yachts who, upon satisfying the requirements listed herein, wish to make a record attempt between June 1 and Oct. 15th of each year.
  2. The SIYC reserves the right to prohibit record attempts for reasons including, but not limited to, major sailing or entertainment events, severe weather, or other circumstances where the safety/security of participants may be of issue.  SIYC will endeavor to post on the ASIR page of the SIYC website known prohibited times for record attempts.

Eligibility and Entry: 

  1. Yachts wishing to attempt the ASIR may enter by contacting and receiving approval from SIYC Sailing director Jeff Bresnahan ( or SIYC Race Committee Chairman Courtney Luddecke ( at 631-749-0888) or surrogate that may be listed on the SIYC website Include the name and description of the yacht along with your contact information.  Please also notify SIYC if you withdraw from the record attempt.
  2. Records will be recognized in the following categories:
  • Kite boards, windsurfers and all foiling craft
  • Monohulls 32 ft LOA and over
  • Multihulls 32 ft. LOA and over
  • Monohulls less than 32 ft. LOA
  • Multihulls less than 32 ft. LOA
  1. SIYC will make final determination in all disputes.
  2. There is no entry fee or entry form.
  3. Attempts at the ASIR may be made between June 1 and Oct. 15th of each year.
  4. Yachts that have met the entry requirements and wish to make an attempt must notify SIYC per #3 above and receive acknowledgment.
  5. Notifications of intent to make a record attempt must include the date and a two hour window during which the attempt must start.


  1. Yachts must start after sunrise and finish prior to sunset on the day of a record attempt-there is no time limit.
  2. Vessels may be accompanied by a support vessel to manage communication and ensure safety.
  3. GPS time will apply for each record attempt.
  4. Start/Finish: The start/finish line shall be the tip of the Greenport Breakwater extending ¼ mile at a magnetic heading S/E of 140 degrees.
  5. Course: Yachts shall circumnavigate Shelter Island in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction observing marks of the course on the required side per Appendix A. Government buoys have no required size except when specified as marks of the course. Caution should be exercised for safe navigation.
  6. Upon completion of the record attempt the yacht owner will submit to Jeff Bresnahan or the SIYC Sailing office the date of attempt and elapsed time in hours, minutes and seconds (GPS time) for validation.
  7. For all qualified vessels that make a record attempt SIYC will post the elapsed time on the Bulletin board of SIYC and also to the ASIR page of the SIYC website.


  1. An award will be presented for each successful record attempt.  Elapsed time for each successful attempt will be recorded on the ASIR page of the SIYC website and bulleting board of SIYC.

Disclaimer of Liability/Responsibility for Safety:

  1. By participating in this event and any related activity sponsored by Shelter Island Yacht Club the owner, helmsman, and each crew member agree that they understand sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of serious bodily injury including permanent disability, paralysis, and death by drowning, property damage and other economic loss and that the safety of the boat and her crew and the decision whether or not to start or continue to race is solely their responsibility and at their own risk.


The course can be sailed either clockwise or counterclockwise at the discretion of the skipper.


N ”10” Greenport Channel         PORT   STARBOARD

C “15” Black Dog Rock                STARBOARD PORT

Fl. G “15” Tyndal Point               PORT STARBOARD

N “6” Opposite Cedar Point      STARBOARD PORT

R “2” Greenport Channel          PORT STARBOARD

Fl, G “7” Greenport Channel     STARBOARDPORT