Friday Flyer–July 19, 2013

Friday Flyer
July 19, 2013

Please remember to sign you children up for PGJSA regattas online at at least 2 days before the event.  We want to make sure we have coaching out on the water at each event.  Upcoming Regatta are:
Old Cove OPTI–Monday, July 22nd
Mattituck Lasers–Friday, August 2nd
Old Cove Laser/420–Friday, August 9th
Devon All Clases– Wednesday, August 14th
If you are wondering if any event is right for your sailor, please contact Jeff.

If you are needing boat repair, Christian Langendal will be in the yard working in Tuesday and Wednesday, July 23 & 24. Please contact Karen in the j-club, so she can put your name down on the list.

Newby Regatta:  The Newby Regatta for Opti 2’s is on July 24th.  This is held during class time. We will have pizza and lemonade after racing with a award presentation on the back deck. Our “Newby” regattas are a fun way to introduce racing to a class who may not have raced before.  If you ant to watch them sail, viewing is from North Pier around 10AM. 


The OPTI Club SERIES (OPTI 3 and ADV) will be on Wednesday, July 24th.  This is a switch on the calendar from July 16th .

PIRATE DAY will take place on Friday, July 26th.  Your sailors will have pirate adventures within their class time.  You can wear your best pirate gear and be ready to sail.

MYSTIC TRIP Mystic Seaport!  The trip to Mystic Seaport is July 30th.  This is available only to Opti III sailors and above.  We will be meeting at the North Ferry at 8:00 am and will then be taking a school bus to the Orient Ferry.  Another bus will pick them up on the other side and drive them to the Mystic Seaport Museum where they will spend the day.  If we have space available we will open up spots to Opti IIs on a first come, first serve basis. **Space for this trip is also limited, please let us know if you can come as soon as possible**    Permission slips for this event are on our website.  Go to the calendar and you will find in there.  Please print a copy of it and bring it to Karen ASAP.  Classes will take place on this day if your child does not go.

Lunch with the Director! This will be held every Friday afternoon at 12:30 on the back deck.  Please join Jeff to talk about the week.  He is there to answer questions and listen to feedback.

Looking ahead there will be a Windsurfing Clinic for adults and children on August 4th and 5th.

 Spirit Gear is available with Karen in the J-Club.

To see the JSP calendar, information about the lost and found or private lessons and other information visit our home page Junior Page