Friday Flyer–July 12, 2013

Friday Flyer
July 12, 2013

Our SIYC 2013 Opti Regatta was a great success on Tuesday.  We had 110 competitors participate from 11 clubs.  The Red and Blue fleet were able to finish a race before the weather presented some challenges preventing the White fleet from finishing.  Thank you to all the parents who supported their children and made alternate parking arrangements to show our guests true island hospitality.  Our racers were generous and helpful to other competitors, helping each other get off the water at the end of the day.

A big thanks to all the volunteers who made the regatta a great success: Finley Shaw, Mary Beran, Andrew McFarland, Margarita Benaceraff, Diana Duque, Lisa Reich, Clora Kelly, Holly Bresnahan, Nancy Sommi, Jenn Celiberti, Stefan Silverman, Wendell and Stephanie Pendleton, Mike Rouzee, Ted McCarthy, Andrew and Heather Wolf, Jim Preston, Biff Endemann, Greg Hodkinson, Ann Winters, Kathleen Tait, Betsy Colby, Courtney Luddecke, Susan Brewer, Pierce Hance, Jody Thompson, Lynn King, Ellen Bogart, Jamie Mills, Diana Lawrence, Elizabeth Bissell, Chip Luddecke and Ron Cyr.
Huge Thank Yous to our Sailing Director Jeff Bresnahan, Karen, our amazing crew of instructors and the entire SIYC staff for their support.
Happy sailing,
Janet and Whitney

Beach Day!-  Monday, July 15th , is our beach trip to Sagg Main.  We will be chartering two school buses as transportation to and from the beach.  We will be leaving SIYC at 8:00 am, so please be here at least 10 minutes prior, and will be leaving the beach around 3-3:30pm. We will be back at SIYC at approximately 4:15.  The bus is limited to Opti 3 sailors and up.   We ask that Opti 2, Opti 1 and JY sailors are accompanied by their parents to the beach.  Please note: Our instructors are only in charge of Opti 3 sailors and above, because of safety reasons.   If we have space available on the bus, the spots will be opened up to Opti 2 sailors.  **Space is limited so bus spots are on a first come, first serve basis** We will have water and some snacks, but we recommend that your child either brings a lunch or money for the snack bar.  Siblings are welcome to come to beach day, but the bus is for program sailors only and children who ride with us on the bus are going to be supervised by our staff.  ONLY JY CLASSES WILL TAKE PLACE THIS DAY.  Permission slips for this event are on our website.  Go to the calendar and you will find in there.  Please print a copy of it and bring it to Karen ASAP.


Please remember to sign you children up for PGJSA regattas online at at least 2 days before the event.  We want to make sure we have coaching out on the water at each event.

Lunch with the Director! This will be held every Friday afternoon at 12:30 on the back deck.  Please join Jeff to talk about the week.  He is there to answer questions and listen to feedback.


MYSTIC TRIP Mystic Seaport!  The trip to Mystic Seaport is August 8th.  This is available only to Opti III sailors and above.  We will be meeting at the North Ferry at 8:00 am and will then be taking a school bus to the Orient Ferry.  Another bus will pick them up on the other side and drive them to the Mystic Seaport Museum where they will spend the day.  If we have space available we will open up spots to Opti IIs on a first come, first serve basis. **Space for this trip is also limited, please let us know if you can come as soon as possible**    Permission slips for this event are on our website.  Go to the calendar and you will find in there.  Please print a copy of it and bring it to Karen ASAP.  Classes will take place on this day if your child does not go.

Dress Code: Please remember to have your sailors in proper attire during the day while at the Yacht Club.  Girls need to have a shirt and shorts over their bathing suits and Boys must have a shirt on or their lifejacket on.  Hair:  Girls with long hair are required to wear them up in a pony tail or a bun.  This is for safety purposes only.

 Spirit Gear is available with Karen in the J-Club.

To see the JSP calendar, information about the lost and found or private lessons and other information visit our home page Junior Page