Brewers place fourth at Herreshoff Nationals

Courtesy of Shelter Island Reporter:  Julie Lane

Home court advantage could be everything as Bruce and Susan Brewer placed fourth — their best finish ever — in the August Herreshoff Nationals hosted for the first time by the Shelter Island Yacht Club.

The Brewers have been sailing the Herreshoff Nationals since they purchased their boat in 1994, according to Ms. Brewer. They were hoping for a top-10 finish in the races held here Aug. 17-19.

“We’re thrilled with a fourth,” Ms. Brewer said in a telephone interview.

There were 38 boats in the race.

The top three teams in this year’s race were all from the Buzzards Yacht Club in Massachusetts — the perennial host club of the national race with five venues that have shared hosting duties on a rotating basis. In first place were Chad, Charlie and Carder Demarest, followed by David and Donald Korb in second and Max Thayer and Drew Bourassa in third.

Shelter Islander Ed Bausman took home the Savvy Sailor Award to the best-scoring sailor 65 or older.

Now that Shelter Island has hosted the race, Ms. Brewer said she’s hoping it will become part of the regular rotation.

In the Herreshoff Junior races featuring only Shelter Island participants, first place went to John and Blake Sommi. Gretchen McCarthy, Aida Van der Eems and Maghus Mareneck placed second. Other winners were Jackson Ritter and Dan Reich in third; Caitlyn Cummings and Malcolm Kreigel in fourth; and Michael Benacerraf and Max Gruber in fifth.

Etchells Fleet 15 Season Results

Etchells Fleet 15 had an epic year of racing.  We hosted two Etchells regatta’s the King of the Bays and the Etchells Long Island Championships.  We raced for a combined 37 races this 2012 season.  Thank you to all who participated.  Below is a recap of the top results.

Etchells Season Championship 2012

1st Place- USA1185-Barry Allardice

2nd Place–USA1198-Scott Kaufman

 3rdPlace–USA398-Jay Cross

 4th Place–USA1139–Andrew Wolf

 Round the Island 2012

 1st Place–USA198-Scott Kaufman

 2nd Place–USA1248-Will Ricketson

 3rd Place-USA 1139 Andrew Wolf

 Heatherton Trophy 2012

 1st Place– USA1199-Jay and Jamie Mills/ Chris Constant

 2nd Place–USA1185-Barry Allardice

 3rd Place–USA198-Scott Kaufman

 4th Place–USA1248-Will Ricketson

 July Series 2012

1stPlace-USA1185-Barry Allardice

2nd Place-USA1199-Jamie Mills, Jay Mills and Chris Constant

3rd Place-USA1198-Scott Kaufman

 August Series 2012

 1st Place–USA1248-Will Ricketson

 2nd Place–USA1139-Andrew Wolf

 3rd Place–USA398-Jay Cross

Henry Kyle Trophy 2012

1st Place- USA1185-Barry Allardice

2nd Place–USA398-Jay Cross

3rd Place–USA1198-Scott Kaufman

4th Place–USA1139–Andrew Wolf

Atlantic Coast Series

King of the Bays Trophy 2012

1st Place-USA 1200-Steve Girling

2nd Place-USA 944-Peter Carroll

3rd Place-CAN 1396-Hank Lemmens

Long Island Sound Championships 2012

1st Place-USA 1200-Steve Girling

2nd Place-USA 1085-Tomas Hornos

3rd Place-CAN 1396-Hank Lemmens