Friday Flyer #1


Number 1

June 27, 2012

Reminder:  You will be able to review old Friday Flyers by clicking on the Friday Newsletter Tab on the Jr. Sailing webpage (

1.     Class Schedule/Drop off/ Pick up:

a)   A big “thank you” to everyone for the smooth pick up and drop off this week. As a reminder, AM CLASSES: please continue to walk your sailor to the yard/back deck for drop off and PM CLASSES: please drop off your child on the gravel road between the yard and the hedge. As you exit  follow the arrows in the parking lot.

b) Check the list below to determine the time your sailor’s class starts and ends. Your sailor must be at the club by the designated time and you must pick your child up on time. Opti I will meet at the start of class on the grass in the yard, Opti II on the gravel, near the ramp and JY Trainer on the back deck.

Opti I 9:00am-12:00pm Monday-Friday

Opti II 8:30am-11:30am Monday-Friday

Opti III 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday-Friday

Opti Adv 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday-Friday

Laser AM 8:30am-12:00pm Monday-Friday

Laser PM 1:00pm-4:30pm Monday-Friday

420 AM 8:30am-11:30am Monday-Friday

420 PM 1:00pm-4:30pm Monday-Friday


2.      Upcoming Events: 

a)     Monday Fun Night: July 2nd The theme is Model Boat Building and Ice Cream Sundae Night from 6-8pm!  Sailors will make their own model boats from recycled materials and follow that up with a make-your-own-sundae!  Dinner will not be served and this is open to all JY 2’s and above. 

b)    4th of July Parade! Wednesday, July 4th will be the annual parade off the North Pier. Class starts at the regularly scheduled time, however, the parade will start at 10 am for the morning classes and 2pm for the afternoon classes. Parents are welcome to help decorate their sailor’s boat and then observe and cheer. Please send your child with patriotic ribbons, streamers and attire. They will decorate their boat and sail within range for parents to watch and take pictures from the North Pier.

c)    Picture Day!  On FRIDAY, July 13th, we will be taking all the class pictures.  The pictures will be taken during class time, so please be sure to be there!  JY Trainer classes that meet on Monday and Wednesday  will have their class picture taken on Wednesday, July 11 th and JY Trainer classes that meet on Tuesday and Thursday will have their class picture taken on Thursday, July 12th.

d)    Lunch with the Director! This will be held every Friday afternoon at 12:30 on the back deck.  Please join Jeff to talk about the week.  He is there to answer questions and listen to feedback.

3.     Lost Gear:  Please check the Lost & Found located in the J-Club if you are missing anything and reinforce to your sailor the importance of putting their boats and gear away properly at the end of the day.  Also, it may be helpful to personally check your sailor’s gear and be certain that everything is labeled.  Every two weeks will be throwing things out so please check the lost and found weekly.

4.     Jr Sailing Schedule:  All Jr Sailing events and regattas are listed on the web site, click on the Schedule tab.  Please check the site regularly.  For sailors attending regattas— once you see an event you would like to sail, refer to the Regatta tab for more information.

5.     Regatta Sign-Up:  For anyone planning on doing regattas this summer, the deadlines to sign-up are coming fast!  Check the web-site and let us know what regattas you are interested doing so we can register you.  The dates of the regattas can be found online on the calendar. ***IMPORTANT:  Below are the dates that the regatta registrations are due by; in order to ensure that we hand in your child’s registration on time, please let us know AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE the date listed below.


Regatta                                                  DATE                                       REGISTER BY NOON

Centerport, OPTI (JSA)                          7/6/12, Fri                                 7/2/12,Mon

SIYC Opti Open (PGJSA/JSA)                7/10/12, Tues                            7/6/12,Fri

Western Districts, Laser/420 (JSA)         7/12/12, Thurs                         7/6/12, Fri

Southampton, (All classes) (PGJSA)      7/12/11, Thurs                          7/11/12,Wed

Orient, 420 (PGJSA)                               7/14/12, Sat                              7/13/12,Fri

Southold , (All Classes) (PGJSA)           7/20/12, Fri                               7/19/12, Thurs             

Douglaston, OPTI (JSA)             7/20/12, Fri                              

JSA Raceweek ,Laser/420(JSA)              7/23-7/24, Mon-Tues                 7/6/12,Fri

Marblehead Race Week                          7/23-7/24, Sun-Tues                  7/13/12,Fri

Huntington Beach Club, OPTI (JSA)       7/25/12, Wed    

Mattituk, Laser (PGJSA)             7/27/12, Fri                               7/26/12, Thurs

Old Cove, OPTI (PGJSA)                        7/27/12,Fri                                7/26/12, Thurs             

SIYC 420/Laser Regatta (PGJSA/JSA)    8/1/12, Wed                              7/30/12,Mon

Buzzard’s Bay                                       8/3-8/5, Fri-Sun                         7/11/12, Wed

JSA Laser/420 Champs                          8/6-8/7, Mon-Tues

JSA Opti Champs                                  8/8-8/9, Wed-Thurs

PGJSA Champs (Old Cove)                    8/10/12,Fri                               8/9/12,Thurs


6.     Shelter Island Opti Invitational:  We still need volunteers for the SIYC Opti Regatta on July 10th.  Please call the J-Club at 749-1829 or email so we can direct you to Andrew Wolf.  **Please let us know by Tuesday, July 2nd !!!

7.     Private Lessons:  Our instructors are available for private lessons.  If you would like to book one, call Karen or Jeff at 631-749-1829 to schedule.  The cost is $55 an hour and you should pay weekly to Karen in cash.

8.     Birth Certificates:  All JY and Opti 1 are to have their birth certificates on file at the Club.  The deadline for birth certificates is Monday, July 2nd.  Your child will not be allowed to sail on Monday without it.

9.     Phone Books:  If you were not at Orientation and have not yet received a packet, please come to the J-Club to pick up your copy.

10.  Dress Code: Please remember to have your sailors in proper attire during the day while at the Yacht Club.  Girls need to have a shirt and shorts over their bathing suits and Boys must have a shirt on or their lifejacket on.